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Abbotts Airtec Tradestand at NEC

Abbotts had an action packed 3 days at the Birmingham NEC @airtechexpo. This is a bi-annual exhibition for people like us who manage to get excited by compressed air ! Thanks so much for our many visiting customers, and fellow exhibitors – you know who you are !… Can’t wait for next time.   

Could you sell Steam Accumulators to your Clients ?

With such a focus on energy efficiency and carbon footprint it is strange that more steam accumulators aren’t being installed and used.    Could your clients save money by having a steam accumulator to smooth out peaks and troughs in their steam demand ? If you like the idea of having something new to offer […]

An Inspector Calls

Ahh JB Priestly I hear you say ! .. Alas no, here at Abbotts the inspector tends to be from an insurance company or classification society – today our inspector is Steve Dickson (LHS) from BV – Bureau Veritas ! Seen below inspecting a vessel or two:   And the hot topic today is ‘bilge’ […]

We have capacity….

Can we do anything else for you ? Over the last few years we have set our stall out with buckets of training, new cranes, CNC plasma and welding gear, and FINALLY we have spare capacity to turn on, so we should cope comfortably with whatever you choose to throw  at us ! If you […]

100 years ago today

The Newark Advertiser’s “100 Years ago today” column, featured Abbotts this week. Brace yourselves – It’s slightly less boring than you might think – and stirring stuff too..  Picture Below  The text reads: Ald. J.C Wright presided over a meeting of workmen at Messrs Abbott and Co’s boiler works. He reminded them that 19 men […]

Gordon sizes up his next job !

Gordon knows how to tackle this – with a conservative estimate of 5 vessels a week (not all this big) he’s assembled and welded over 8000 Vessels over the last 37 years at Abbotts – not limited to welding, Gordon keeps us supplied with eggs & home grown lamb when he’s not greasing his plough […]

Industrial and Marine silencers

For many years we have manufactured industrial and marine CE marked and ASME designed for some of our highly valued (and rather clever when it comes to sound attenuation) clients – they do the tricky stuff on silencer design and we do the pressure vessel design/build and CE marking part – good teamwork !    

Starter Motor for a warship anyone

Since making boilers for the admiralty in 1870 we continue to make compressed air start vessels for the main Diesel engines for Royal Navy contractors The 1500 ltr 40 bar compressed air start receivers being painted here are designed and built to Lloyds Naval rules    The picture below this is of an old naval […]

Will it fit out the door ?

“Almost probably” was the confident answer ….   …  followed by the buzz of a stihl saw and 8 inches of brickwork removed from either side – British engineering problem solving at its finest ! This was 2005 before we “properly” enlarged our door and our cranes to cope with 20+ ton  pressure vessels

WW1 – Abbott Role of Honour

A summer holiday visit to Ypres in Flanders Field Museum and the National Memorial Arboretum prompts a worthy dusting off and digital ‘remembrance’ of Abbotts WW1 Role of honour below – lest we forget.  Puts our woes of today into proportion – Any historians among you who could tell us more about this or these men, […]

Ready for a new challenge

Abbotts works bike has been dusted off for a fresh challenge in support of local Beaumond House Hospice – any suggestions and support welcome !    The British designed & built  Boardman bike serviced by Andy Swain in Southwell tel 07772299824 www.rodecycles.com @rodecycles

Abbotts Twitter

Check out out Twitter feed for lighter hearted moments   https://twitter.com/pressurevessel   https://twitter.com/pressurevessel

A lorry Full and not a “Shed Load”

These two vessels fit ‘snugly’ on this curtain sider on their way to a power plant in Europe – a vapouriser vessel and a buffer vessel – the former to be fitted with a heat exchanger on site – paint finish is two pack and should look good for years to come ! 

Filter vessels

Some clients seem to want to fill our vessels with filter mediums of all sorts – we are delighted to design the vessel to cope with this and other operating parameters  – pressurised filter vessels often require a mesh or grid to support the medium  – below ”time served” plater  (and all round nice bloke) […]

Abbott Brand Image

Photo below of Abbotts brand – this is the real deal rather than something dreamt up by a London design agency !   It hangs on an old nail in our archives – but was probably heated in the furnace and used to burn the brand into packing cases … Unless you know better … any […]

Pressure Test Research Project Success

Once the spreadsheets & formulae have been exhausted and you really want to know  – let us have a bash ! We have been using our expertise in vessels and controlled pressure to safely pressure test various materials to destruction. The test rig below is designed to safely test rubber membranes against pressure puncture through […]

large Fire Pit Anyone ?

We were delighted to help Tim Turner MD of Blue Deer Ltd as he collects a pair of Dished Ends for some large fire pits.     Big fire pits (large diameter) are hard to get hold of apparently but make a nice new use for our hot pressed dished ends – they will make and impressive […]

CAD/CAM Pipe Development

Some nifty work with pipe development software and our CNC profile burner #CNC  This has made light work of developing the correct whole shape, size and position to fit these tangential branches straight into this manifold /air pig with the correct preps for welding    

DIY Vessel Welding 

Pressure vessel back for “refurb” – Someone’s bodged a few extra connections since we made it  – I’ve seen dodgy welding but this takes the biscuit  !  The painting isn’t much better !  Nothing we can’t sort with a skilled plater, coded welder and some approved procedures  !      

The History of ASME – boiler and pressure vessel code

Why ASME was formed – and mandatory but only in the USA. The following excerpt from ASME gives an insight into the evolution of this boiler and pressure vessel code. The ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (B&PVC) was conceived in 1911 out of a need to protect the safety of the public. This need became […]

Steam Flash Vessels by Abbotts

Look at these photos below – Despite looking like a cross between Doctor Who and Gullivers Travels these two pressure vessels have been dispatched to Singapore where they will be Installed deep inside a rig where they will then travel all the way back home to be put to use in the middle of the […]

Pressure Vessels for Export

our trusty 4t forklift “Sebastian” ready to lift a hydrophore (aka expansion vessel / membrane vessel / surge tank /accumulator tank etc)      Designed and built to be used on in The Middle East for drinking water. With DWI approved paint . Internal rubber membrane. Designed to PD5500 category 2 with Lloyds 3rd party […]