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Bespoke is standard in our Drawing Office

  Your Pressure Vessel; your way; you got it! Saying yes to customers makes us so happy. We understand that the space available for any installation is often limited and makes your heart sink on first inspection! You want the job but how will you manage to get all the equipment and the Pressure Vessel […]

Global Warming Potential in the Refrigeration Industry

How do you keep your cool whilst things are hotting up? Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) are harmful man-made greenhouse gasses. Both developed and developing countries have taken on mandatory commitments to reduce the global production and consumption of HFCs. The 2014 EU F-Gas Regulation means that existing Refrigeration and air-conditioning systems (RAC) will need to comply both […]

Ready for Resilience?

Pressure Vessels for PR19 and beyond in the Water Industry With OFWAT urging water companies to consider their whole (or rounded) approach to resilience your proactive and forward thinking view is required. Pressures of an increased population coupled with an ever more erratic climate mean that resilience and reliability in the face of increasing change […]

Heat Exchangers- under the shell

Nice Tubes! Often we see pictures of the finished pressure vessel; all encased in a beautiful shell. Here at Abbott we like to show you some of the inner workings and engineering that goes in to a Shell and tube Heat Exchanger.     Working hard across many industries and processing plants this crucial piece […]


BG03 Blowdown Vessels – Warning, some Vents must be Bigger!

Warning  – IMPORTANT NOTICE: The New guidance Note BG03 Means some Existing Installations AND Blowdown vessel ranges WILL NOT COMPLY. Some Vent SIZES MUST be BIGGER than before. Advice was previously provided by Health and Safety Executive Guidance Note PM60 Steam boiler blowdown systems 2nd edition 1998 which has been withdrawn. The change is slight […]