Vacuum Vessels or Vacuum Receivers from Abbott & Co

vacuum vessels PED PD5500 ASME We manufacture  Vacuum Vessels or Vacuum Receivers for use in packaging plant, general vacuum  storage, medical and hospital, general industry process plant and scientific research, etc. Also called vacuum tanks by some !

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Vacuum vessel, or Vacuum Receiver Design Code:

PD5500 Cat 2/3 or ASME

Design Pressure:

Vacuum receivers or vacuum tanks can operate from Zero bar to Full Vacuum OR  1bar negative

This video is what can happen if the tank isn’t designed to cope with a vacuum: YouTube Video of Tank Imploding

Design Temperature:

As required


Internal & External DWI Paint.

Vacuum Vessel Certification:

Abbott vacuum receivers come Full CE marked; PED compliant.

Option of Legs or Brackets.

Other Pressure Vessel design code info. can be found with the links below
PD5500, EN286, DNV, ASME, LLOYDS, 97/23/EC, EN13445, 87/404/EEC, 2009/105/EC, ABS, BS5169

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