Kipper Air Receivers and Pressure Vessel

Kipper Air Receivers / Pressure Vessel

Kipper & Sons Fabricators Inc,  Auburn WA – 253-856-2625

These pressure vessel manufacturers based in Auburn produced welded pressure vessels and air receivers to ASME and U stamp and National Board approval.
We have been sent the photos below of the vessel that needs replacement – It does look like someone has had a go at repairing it, but it’s very difficult to pull out a bent damaged ASME pressure vessel branch or connection once it has been dropped or bent – the more heat you put into it the more it seems to sink!!

This vessel was used for compressed air on a gas platform or oil rig, and painted with a C5M marine paint spec- or it will when we have made the replacements.
We are happy to re-design, approve and manufacture replacement vessels like this with you only having to give us some basic information – email: info@abbottpressurevessels.co.uk 


The Kipper air receivers below shows the damage  –  looks like someone’s dropped it, and then had a go at fixing it with a bit of heat!


If you have a sad or poorly vessel that wants to be repaired or replaced and you want a hassle free route to getting it done, please get in touch by email or ring 01636 704208

Check out our latest updates on https://www.linkedin.com/company/abbott-&-co-newark-ltd/mycompany/

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