Need a Quick Solution?

Ex-stock Carbon Steel Air Receivers available now. Supplied with PESR 2016 or PED certification, UKCA/UKNI or CE marked, we're waiting for your call!

How to support Great British industry

Covid has pushed many companies to the edge. Some may recover, and some sadly won't make it. And this is where we can all play our part by choosing to buy British and throw a lifeline to British industry. We all have a choice where we spend our money and invest, so we all have a voice. But will yours shout up and support Great British Industry?

Great British Pressure Vessels

This week we have a few of these going out ! Large thermal stores #pressurevessels #british #manufacturing Built to PD5500 and only just fitting out of the door !

Keeping the wheels of British industry turning in the snow !

British bike outside the British factory having a bit of British weather stuck to the leading edge of the frame ! Don't worry we are in work and producing pressure vessels for you.