Practical, not Pretty: Corrosion Allowances explained…

When you look at the image of the Kochi boilers what do you see? A far away land? An intense discussion between friends? Or just some rusty, old boilers? Believe it or not, this is what the inside of the majority of in-service air receivers…

The Mysterious Case of The Kochi Boilers…

Everyone loves a good whodunnit, and this is no exception!! It wouldn’t be an Abbotts blog without an engineering twist, of course…

Kipper Air Receivers and Pressure Vessel

Kipper Air Receivers / Pressure Vessel Kipper & Sons Fabricators Inc,  Auburn WA - 253-856-2625 These pressure vessel manufacturers based in Auburn produced welded pressure vessels and air receivers to ASME and U stamp and National…

DNV Vessels and Crash Frames for Offshore

DNV GL Certified pressure vessels for offshore use, with or without crash frame.. we can help. Get in touch now...

ASME – With or Without U?

Our latest approval means we can now design and build more lovely pressure vessels for you and your customers..
Abbott boilers test book from 1895

A Quick Trip Down Memory Lane…

What's so special about the number 153? It's a triangular number. It's an Armstrong number. It's also how long we've been manufacturing pressure vessels here in Newark...
Abbotts maintenance office, organised to maximise efficiency!

5S to Success!

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks! 153 years and still learning - and with over 1000 pressure vessels in the works every year, efficiency is key...
20m3 green Abbotts pressure vessel containing a compressed gas

Big Green Monsters for your Compressed Gases

This green 20m3 pressure vessel will hold compressed air. It could be holding compressed hydrogen. Or biogas. Or Syngas. Or methane. Or steam. Or any other compressed gas. It's going to help our customer use energy on site more effectively...and…

AI Chatbot Does Pressure Vessels!

Artificial Intelligence is big in the news at the moment so how much is it likely to impact on pressure vessel design and manufacture? It's early days but we put it to the test...
2 Abbotts expansion vessels loaded on a lorry ready to be shipped

A Fine Looking Pair…

Pressure vessels come in many shapes and sizes, and some just want to be the cream of the crop. The crème de la crème. The best of the best. Do you think this fine pair are ticking all the boxes?

Is this even Legal?

Designed to deliver pressurised air from a single supply, these manifolds got us talking - let me know your thoughts.. details here..

Need a Quick Solution?

Ex-stock Carbon Steel Air Receivers available now. Supplied with PESR 2016 or PED certification, UKCA/UKNI or CE marked, we're waiting for your call!

Water Feature Anyone?

Pressure Vessels for Water Treatment come is many different shapes and sizes. Abbotts design and manufacture vessels for the majority of UK and Ireland water companies, all meeting current water company regulations.

Abbotts Christmas Video! The Tale of the Little Blowdown Vessel

The Abbott & Co. Christmas Video is here! Please enjoy The Tale of the little Blowdown Vessel and we hope that it brings you a little Christmas cheer!

YOUR Time Saved with Bespoke Pressure Vessel Designs

Bespoke Design - Abbotts Design Review Meeting with customers

Stanref International Limited Pressure Vessels

Stanref International Limited Northern Way Bury St. Edmunds Suffolk IP32 6NL United Kingdom Telephone :  (01284) 763501 Pressure Vessel Industry News…. STANREF INTERNATIONAL LIMITED/Stanref International (2017) Limited The company, founded…

Refurbished Air Reservoirs Built to BS 3256 and BS EN286-3

The issue: our customer had a number of air tanks designed in accordance with BS 3256 (1960), very much in need of some TLC. It's a design code for small fusion-welded air reservoirs for road and railway vehicles which...


LOHENNER DRUCKBEHÄLTER Air receivers GmbH & Co. KG   Sad air receiver industry News…. LOHENNER DRUCKBEHÄLTER GmbH & Co. KG manufacturer of Air Receivers and Pressure Vessels or DRUCKLUFTBEHÄLTER UND DRUCKBEHÄLTER The…

Pressure Vessels for the steam industry

The steam industry is not just about Blowdown Vessels. Take a look at the range of vessels we manufacture to support the steam industry - and how we can support you to keep the heat on!

Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels – Bespoke

We are pleased to offer competitively priced Stainless Steel vessels to a range of design codes - designed, manufactured and delivered! Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

How to support Great British industry

Covid has pushed many companies to the edge. Some may recover, and some sadly won't make it. And this is where we can all play our part by choosing to buy British and throw a lifeline to British industry. We all have a choice where we spend our money and invest, so we all have a voice. But will yours shout up and support Great British Industry?

Pressure Vessels for the Water Industry

The UK Water Industry is in the midst of AMP 7 - the Asset Management Period between 2020-2025 - and contracts will have been awarded by water companies across the country. This is to manage & implement repairs and improvements on the extensive infrastucture that is our water and sewerage network.

Thermal Stores – the Green Machines you need!

Thermal stores harness hard earned heat energy and let you use it without it slipping away. Thinking about our environment it makes financial sense to re-direct heat energy. Store it and use it - or lose it!

Manufacturing is a critical part of our economy

 The RT HON ALOK SHARMA MP Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy said "At this unprecedented time for the UK I want to pay tribute to you for the work you are doing to keep the UK economy going." He recognised that "Manufacturing is a critical part of our economy"