Thermal stores

Thermal Stores - the green machines you need

With thermal stores it is about a mentality of industry harnessing hard earned heat energy and not letting it slip away. Thinking about our environment, and knowing traditional fuel sources are not infinite, it also makes financial sense to re-direct heat energy.
Pressure vessel fettled

Manufacturing is a critical part of our economy

 The RT HON ALOK SHARMA MP Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy said "At this unprecedented time for the UK I want to pay tribute to you for the work you are doing to keep the UK economy going." He recognised that "Manufacturing is a critical part of our economy"
Covid 19 Air Receivers

Air Receivers for Nightingale field hospitals

Times have changed recently. Change beyond what any of us could probably have imagined. The Coronavirus has certainly changed the world. As we all work to bring what help we can to the table, read what we are doing with our Air Receivers at Abbott & Co. to add our share to the collective pie.
galvanised Air Receivers

Galvanised Pressure Vessels and Air Receivers

Whilst galvanizing Pressure Vessels offers excellent corrosion protection it doesn’t necessarily make it look nice. Galvanising pressure vessels has a number of things against it that makes it neigh on impossible to get a great overall look. We look at the reasons why.

The Christmas Video is here! - The tale of the little Blowdown Vessel

The Abbott & Co. Christmas Video is here! Please enjoy The Tale of the little Blowdown Vessel and we hope that it brings you a little Christmas cheer!
Bespoke Air Receiver

Bespoke Air Receivers | Just the way you need them

Are you trying to source a Bespoke Air Receiver? Maybe the Air Receiver must have specific dimensions to fit in to the only space available in the plant room. It could be that you require non standard connections in a non standard layout. A specific design code needed?
New rotators for manufacturing quality Pressure Vessels

Manufacturing Quality Pressure Vessels - taking stock

Manufacturing quality Pressure Vessels, whilst keeping the costs competitive, and the customers happy. It sounds a tough balancing act doesn't it? Find out how we take stock of the business and do it.
Horizontal Vacuum Vessel with saddle plates

Need to pump up the vacuum?

Beyond the vacuum cleaner at home, a vacuum is created for use in many different  industries. Let me share just a few examples.
DNV GL certified manufacturer

DNV GL, ABS, Lloyds Class - Design codes - Offshore Pressure Vessels

Need to find your sea legs? Read about our involvement with HMS Queen Elizabeth and our bespoke offshore Pressure Vessels
Fabrication of biofuel tank

Fabrication project - Do you have our next challenge?

Watch our video to find out all about a recent biofuel fabrication project we have worked on. We have the passion, do you have the project for us?
Abbott packing pressure vessels in crates to BS1133-8:2011

Packing Pressure Vessels? How we can help you

So are you packing Pressure Vessels before sending them out to your customers? Maybe you wish you were. We are now able to do this on site for you before dispatch. Now does that sound good to you?
Plasma cutter used to manufacture Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessel manufacture - Balancing the cost of equipment

Pressure Vessel manufacture requires lots of equipment (or very large toys!) This initial purchase and subsequent maintenance is a huge cost for any business. But how to invest smart in the toys you really need?
Red, white and blue quality Air Receivers

How can you recognise a quality Air Receiver?

How can you recognise quality in the competitive Air Receiver Market? Cheap is not always cheerful. Get quality tips on how to recognise Great British value!
Stainless Steel welded assembly EN 13445

Stainless Steel |5 Reasons why Abbott Stainless is Painless

We have real live people at the end of the telephone ready to discuss your requirements. You will not be able to see it but we will be smiling!
Fat trap, bespokje, manufacturing, fabricating, Separator

Bio-fuel | Graham and his Fat Trap!

When Graham Gent of ETP Services asked Abbott & Co. to manufacture an Oil trap we were more than happy to help him out! The Oil trap will be a part of a waste treatment system in the food processing industry.
Blowdown Pressure Vessel

Letting off Steam?

From Blowdown Vessels to Flash Vessels, accumulators and Steam Separators this industry just loves a Pressure Vessel. You guys know who you are!

Bespoke is standard in our Drawing Office

Saying yes to customers makes us so happy. We understand that the space available for any installation is often limited and makes your heart sink on first inspection! You want the job but how will you manage to get all the equipment and the Pressure Vessel in such a small space?

Global Warming Potential in the Refrigeration Industry

Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) are harmful man-made greenhouse gasses. Both developed and developing countries have taken on mandatory commitments to reduce the global production and consumption of HFCs.

How do you advertise in the plant room?

Looks may not be everything; but what you first see of a compressor installation is the first impression you get. It is also what you remember and what your customer will  look at every single day. You have to ask yourself how do you advertise in the plant room?

No Borders, No Barriers; just Great British Pressure Vessels

Our customers know there are cheaper, inferior products out there. You value our quality and reliability more.

OFWAT ask are you ready for Resilience?

Pressures of an increased population coupled with an ever more erratic climate mean that resilience and reliability in the face of increasing change is hugely important in the Water Industry.
Party in a pressure vessel

Party in a Pressure Vessel

Getting the party started in a Pressure Vessel!

We like our Pancakes rolled!

Whilst a glossy picture of the finished product is always great we love to share the process of how we do what we do.