Great British Pressure Vessels

Great British Pressure Vessels, UK design & manufacture. Abbott & Co. are proud to manufacture quality Great British Pressure Vessels.

There are so many different types of Pressure Vessels. They are used across so many different Industries. From the water industry, HVAC, steam, medical and petrochemical to name just a few.

Below for instance are just two examples of different Pressure Vessels.

Surge Vessel

Surge Vessels are often used in the water industry. They manage surge supply of water therefore protecting infrastructure

Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchangers allow the transfer of heat between one substance to another without the substances mixing. Moreover they can keep machinery, water, chemicals etc at safe working temperatures for example.

So do you want a Great British Pressure vessel designed and manufactured in the UK?


Manufacturing Pressure Vessels is what we do. With a wealth of skill and equally important experience gained over 140 years  .We continue to supply bespoke Pressure Vessels to some of the worlds most prestigious companies.

Our skilled team can undertake pressure vessel design and manufacture from receipt of basic instructions. Manufacturing PED compliant and CE marked Pressure Vessels, we have the perfect Pressure Vessel for you.


Have you got your own design? If you have we can base our manufacturing drawing on that. If not, we are able to design the vessel based on your requirements. Nothing would be manufactured however until we had your full approval of the design. So not only do you get a bespoke vessel, additionally the design is all ready for a repeat order!

Pressure Vessels – Design Codes

BS5169; PD5500; EN286 (Part 1); Lloyds Class 1, 2/2 & 3; Bureau Veritas; Det Norske Veritas; ASME VIII Code, EN13445 and most other well known specifications.

CE marked vessels may now replace vessels made to BS 5169, ASME, BS 5500, DNV, AD-Merkblatter,  CODAP 95, CODETI 95, TRD, TRG, 94/55/EC, 76/767.

Pressure Vessels – Manufacture

Manufacturing is done using the latest tools and equipment, materials and skills. Inter – Process QA Inspections ensure high quality levels are maintained. Reliable deliveries are secured by using a bespoke production control system.

See our Video below of the manufacturing process

Testing Pressure Vessels

Hydraulic, Radiographic, Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant etc.. As Required

Inspection of Pressure vessels

3rd Party Inspection Authorities and Insurance Company Surveyors are given all facilities to examine vessels. This can be done at any stage of manufacture or Testing. Arrangements can be made for specimen weld testing, and for materials to be independently inspected.


Certification of Pressure Vessels can be supplied for pressure test, weld tests, materials, pressure gauges and relief valves etc. upon your request.


Pressure vessels Internal and External finishes to specific standards are common practice. Galvanizing, Epoxy Resin, specific colours (to BS4800 & BS381C), DWI approved internal paint and other finishes at your request.

Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (from HSE) cover the safe design and use of pressure systems.  

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Great British Pressure Vessels UK design & manufacture.

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