10 Reasons why you should buy Abbott’s vessels!

1. With Abbott air receivers, you literally get more for your money – in some cases the steel is ACTUALLY TWICE as thick! – Ours are a minimum of 5mm. Your customers DO notice this – and will recognise you sell on quality … if you sell on quality – they will also like the Union Jack on the nameplate as they are most likely part of British industry.

2. Sensible corrosion allowances keeps inspectors happy.

3. Pressure systems regulations – we can produce documents, design calcs, material certs, weld plans – people are cottoning on to the fact a CE mark alone isn’t all it’s cracked up to be especially when THEIR name is down as the responsible person.

4. Installation is easier because sockets won’t bend due to the slightest bit of unsupported pipe work.

5. Lifting lugs designed to lift the vessel weight (with calcs to prove it if required) – tacking on a bit of bent metal is not a recognised safe lifting practice – it’s big, heavy and your responsibility if it drops and squashes someone.

6. Legs on the outside of the vessel for proper stability rather than cheaper ‘tripod’ legs.

7. Inspection openings of a sensible size so inspectors can inspect easily (we’ve got nothing to hide).

8. Thicker shell wall prevents ‘dints’ with accidental damage – fork lift truck drivers you know who you are!

9. Less site work – reduce pipe fitting and installation time having bespoke connections added/moved on the vessel (ever tried adding a 2 inch BSP pipe thread on site?)

10. More efficient airflow – bespoke positioned connections can save multiple air flow restrictions through twists and turns.

11. Pretty colours – Air receivers are a great poster board to advertise your brand (or your clients) – get a bright gloss paint finish and have your own sticker on it.

12. Environmental – Your money is spent on diesel in exchange for steel thickness. I’m no carbon footprint expert but driving a lorry with a big vessel full of fresh air across Europe and crossing the channel on a boat is probably a bad thing.

13. The chances are you are supplying or maintaining compressors for someone that supplies us too – so it’s good for UK industry as a whole on which we all depend.

14. We speak your language, we enjoy our work and for us you are not just a number. Here at Abbotts we make hundreds and hundreds of stock air receivers every year – our clients know there are cheaper and inferior products – but there is a reason they keep coming back – and we value that.

15. I know we said 10 reasons but we kept thinking of more … and we have a sense of humour!

We have a standard range of Air Receivers from 50 to 20000 litres
Most sizes are held in stock, and special arrangements can often be made to stock your vessels.
Special pressure vessels and larger standard units can be built to your requirements – just ring 01636 704208 or email info@abbottpressurevessels.co.uk
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