Abbott Pressure Vessels on Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers.

Having built pressure vessels for the Navy for over 147 years we have been recognised by the MOD in their recent carrier launch publicity !

With our Lloyds Class 1 and Naval approvals our pressure vessels were used for  air receivers, diesel engine starting, diesl pumping and radar cooling etc.

Here is a nice picture below of the ship that you will have seen lots of times before, and below some links to the Tumblr (whatever that is), twitter and linked in publicity by the MOD and Navy themselves…

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QE Class Small Business Showcase: Abbott & Co  was originally founded in 1870 by Thomas Abbott who started by designing and fabricating boilers and pressure vessels and steam accumulators for the Admiralty.  

Almost 150 years on and the team of 40 staff based in Newark, Nottinghamshire now supply our British made and designed pressure vessels, air receivers and heat exchangers to a variety of clients including surge tanks for water authorities, process pressure vessels for oil & gas companies and both pressure vessels and air receivers for the Ministry of Defence. We also export our specialist designed and fabricated pressure vessels to a variety of countries that need reassuringly high quality made products that maintain strict approval levels and the wide variety of designs that we can manufacture.  

Over the years we have designed and manufactured a variety of pressure vessels and air receivers and expansion vessels for the MOD including a compressed air cannon that fires chickens designed to simulate high speed bird strikes on aircraft windshields and jet engines.

What did you provide for HMS Queen Elizabeth?

For the Queen Elizabeth Class we have manufactured a variety of equipment, some key products were diesel engine starter vessels, thermal expansion vessels for fuel supply system and radar cooling and nitrogen vessels for nitrogen generation plant.  These were all Lloyds Naval Rules Pressure Vessels – We have a factory approval for Fusion Welded Pressure Vessels Class 1, 2/2 and Class 3.

What does it mean for your organisation to be involved in the Queen Elizabeth Class programme?

There’s a huge sense of pride that our company is involved in such a prestigious project. It’s great to have local people from Newark working on a national project such as this, there’s a real sense of comradery. It’s also brilliant for manufacturing in the UK to have young people involved in a project such as this as it helps show British industry at its best.

How has the investment helped the organisation?

The QE Class contract has allowed us to maintain our staffing numbers and update our manufacturing plant and machinery. It also allowed us to hire new apprentices who have learnt in-house, directly from the team and become really useful, productive members of not only the workforce but the wider community, which is really great to see.

Does your organisation have you have any unique stories?

Our facilities were damaged in a daring bombing raid by two German Heinkel 111 bombers on the 7th March 1941 which targeted the neighbouring ball bearing factory sadly killing 41 people. Thankfully for our staff they all hid inside our own part built pressure vessels which gave them much needed protection from the strafing runs – literally bullet proof!

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