Air Receivers –  vital equipment in the fight against Coronavirus

Times have changed recently. Change beyond what any of us could probably have imagined. The Coronavirus has certainly changed the world. The way we think, work, travel, educate, shop and socialise now need to be done differently.

What can we do to help?

But what can we do? How can we help? Thankfully there are so many wonderful, inspiring and selfless acts of kindness that we hear of every single day. From individuals, groups, and companies all tirelessly pulling together to put their contribution on the table.  Here at Abbott & Co. we continue to manufacture our Air Receivers and Pressure Vessels which support our infrastructure as we know it, albeit under new social distancing rules and guidelines. This is what we bring to the table, its our piece of the collective pie.

Pictured above are some Abbott & Co. Air Receivers loaded up and ready to go to Glasgow Nightingale field hospital. Our MD Henry created the “this one is for you Boris!” sign on the front. Indeed at the time Boris Johnson was in intensive care fighting his own personal battle against Covid 19.

Our local Paper The Newark Advertiser wanted to share what we were doing and wrote an article which made the front page – read the full article by following the link – read Newark Advertiser article

Abbotts army of Air Receivers above undergo final checks before they head off for their mission. They will provide a vital air supply, this time  at Exeter Nightingale field hospital. A worthy deployment indeed.

Thank you

We continue to manufacture as normal, with priority given to any vessels to be used in the fight against Covid 19. We say a big thank you to all of our regular customers who kindly agreed to their orders delayed so that vital Air Receivers could be manufactured to meet medical deadlines.

The biggest thank you obviously goes out to all of those in the NHS and care establishments right on the front line. All those key workers adapting to different and changing demands. We cannot even begin to imagine what you have to do every day. All we can do, in our small part, is provide the equipment that you need.

The front line is only as strong as the support it receives from behind the scenes, and we have got your back.