Hey Heat Exchangers – Nice Tubes!

Often we see pictures of finished Heat Exchangers; all encased in a beautiful shell. Here at Abbott we like to show you some of the inner workings and engineering so we have lifted the shell!

Tube bundle of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

Shell & Tube bundle

Working hard across many industries and processing plants this crucial piece of kit really is designed to get the job done.

Abbott & Co. Heat Exchangers

Abbott Heat Exchangers are 3rd party approved – CE marked and fully certificated to mechanical standards including TEMA-R, TEMA-C and TEMA – B.

We can manufacture  finned tube Heat Exchangers, fin-fan Heat Exchangers, primary/secondary Condensers, Kettles, Vaporisers, Economisers and Chillers.

Design/Testing of Heat Exchangers

In partnership with you every step of the way; from thermal sizing through design, drawing, manufacture, inspection, testing and delivery.

Here we have some of our younger Abbott engineers involved with the in house testing and quality control to  BS EN ISO 9001:2008. Third party survey and inspection by Lloyds Register or your nominated third-party.

Children sat on completed Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

If you get your enquiry over to us we could make you a workhorse of your very own (feeding, housing and exercise is not included!)