Hydrophore tanks

Abbott hydrophore tanks

A hydrophore system is used in tall buildings and marine environments to pump, store and supply water at a regulated controlled pressure (and somethines temperature)

This may be as part of on board ship drinking water, diesel engine cooing water system or fire fighting system.

Abbott hydrophore tanks are built to pressure vessel design codes to meet the relevant legislation

These marine hydrophore vessel might use PD5500 or ASME as the design code to meet and satisfy LLoyds Marine Class approval (Lloyds class 1,2 or 3), Det Norske Veritas (DNV) or the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) to be used used in the fresh water or gray water system to maintain pressure in the system, they may also be used to pressurise the fire figting ring main.

They can work using a compressor to maintain the compressed air in the top half of the hydrophore tank, using pressure switrches and level gauges, alternatively a rubber menmbrane may be incorporated to separate the air from the water to prevent the water from being absorbed.

The buffer of compressed air means that a pump can run periodically to maintain the system pressure. This means the uppermost areas of the ship or building can use the water with instant pressure without the pump having to switch on every occasion.

The water may come from a desalination plant on board, or from the ships fresh water tanks filled at port.


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