Packing Pressure Vessels to BS1133-8:2011

So are you packing Pressure Vessels before sending them out to your customers? Maybe you wish you were. We are now able to offer this in house service before dispatch. Now does that sound good to you?

Above Pressure Vessels foil wrapped and crated on site by us and ready for delivery. These are horizontally semi-sheathed crates, externally battened.

Packing crate with stencil information for handling instructions

Packing crate with handling instructions stenciled on.

Why Pack Pressure Vessels?
  • Even with the most careful handling paintwork can get scuffed. Pressure Vessels  do need to be strapped securely on to delivery vehicles. The strapping can sometimes rub on the paintwork. By using packing crates the friction is on the crate, not the vessel. Some Pressure Vessels travel large distances to reach their final destination, even just within the UK.
  • Many of our lucky Pressure Vessels get a ticket to ride in Europe and beyond! Export packing sends them safely on their way for a successful journey.
  • It may be that once on site the vessel will not be installed for a while. The packing will offer additional protection on a busy site.
  • Some Bespoke Pressure Vessels are very well connected. They have  many flanges and connections at all different angles. A last minute ‘knock’ in transit requiring repair could really set your schedule back. Can any of us really afford that?
On site Packing

We are proud to be able to offer the in house packing service as an option to you.

We have the wood.

The cutting bench and the power tools are ready!

We made a start on these bespoke crates earlier

Recycling packing crates

Were you aware that packing crates can have many uses? We are very keen to see them recycled and repurposed.

See just one example below how they can be used to contain over excited colleagues. James here got a little giddy. But 5 minutes in the ‘cooling off crate’ and he will be on top form again. He knows this is for his own good really. We do not get any pleasure at all from doing this!

James in the ‘cooling off crate’

Packing to your requirements

So are you interested in packing for your Pressure Vessel order? If so just let us know if you require packing suitable for UK transit or overseas. We can then provide you with a quote for the service. It really is that simple (for you anyway!)

Abbott & Co. design, manufacture, pack and deliver quality Pressure Vessels.

I must admit it seems a little wrong to ask this, but, do you want to send us packing?

For any Pressure Vessel requirements you have please telephone us on 01636 704208 or send your enquiry to Alternatively use the enquiry form link below.

Together we can get a quality job done. It’s a wrap!