Pressure Vessels for PR19 and beyond in the Water Industry

With OFWAT urging water companies to consider their whole (or rounded) approach to resilience your proactive and forward thinking view is required.

Pressures of an increased population coupled with an ever more erratic climate mean that resilience and reliability in the face of increasing change is hugely important. Hence OFWAT 4R’s definition of resilience by the Cabinet Office as Reliability, Response and Recovery, Resistance and Redundancy.

PD5500 Surge Vessels with DWI internal paint to comply with Regulation 31 of the Water Supply Regulations 2001.

Abbott & Co. continue to manufacture all different types of Pressure Vessels to meet the growing requirements of the water industry. Be it Upstream or Downstream we can design vessels in accordance with WIMES 4.01 and based on your cyclic loading parameters to protect the infrastructure and prevent damage.

From Surge Vessels, Separators, filter vessels, Pulsation dampers, Expansion Vessels to Sewage Damper vessels Abbott & Co. embrace the demands of the Water Industry. We currently supply vessels to many UK water companies helping to keep the water flowing and minimise disruption.

ASME Sewage Damper Vessel

Please do send over any enquiry to or give our friendly Sales team a call so that we can keep you flowing nicely through AMP6 and in to AMP7. Vessel Designs in accordance with ASME, BS EN13445 and PD5500 with or without third party approval.

Our Great British Pressure Vessels know a thing or two about Reliability and Resilience. We are ready and willing to play our part in water resource management; so how can we help you?