Three Great British quality Air Receivers painted red, white and blue with Abbott Logo

How can you recognise a quality Air Receiver when not all Air Receivers are made equal?

Here are some tips to help out

Design Codes

At Abbott & Co. the Design Code used for vessels in our standard stock range is BS5169. Because of this the minimum steel thickness is 5mm. Standard Abbott Air Receivers quality BS5169 Design Code minimum steel thickness 5mm.

 PED compliant and CE marked

The steel thickness is shown on our Sales Drawings which we can send to you. This is because we are proud to be manufacturing a quality Air Receiver!

Does everyone else openly give you this information or even tell you the  steel thickness?

We know there are cheaper inferior products out there, however don’t be misled you are getting an equivalent quality Air Receiver.

Corrosion Allowance

As already mentioned, we use a sensible steel thickness. As a result of this we are then able to offer a sensible corrosion allowance of 0.75mm on our standard stock vessels.

Are you starting to recognise a quality Air Receiver now?

                                                             Nice legs!
Different Coloured quality Air Receivers with stable legs

Do you appreciate this line up of lovely, stable, solid and robust legs? They are designed to keep those rather heavy Air Receivers with their feet planted firmly and safely on the ground.

We know those cheaper ‘tripod’ legs are sometimes used on Air Receivers; but come on now lets be serious! Surely the principles of sound engineering is about a sensible solid design?

Lloyds Register - LRQA - Air Receivers & Pressure VesselsDocumentation

Quality can be in the detail, so ask questions!

We can produce Design Calcs, material Certs, weld plans, Test Certs etc. for our Air Receivers.

This is because each Air Receiver has been Designed and manufactured in house.

Our Management Systems are Certified and Approved by Lloyd’s Register to meet ISO 9001. This is Quality approval.

As we are based in Newark, Nottinghamshire, the factory is always open for you to visit. As we are proud of what we do there is nothing to hide.

Quality is confidence – the added value

In conclusion, the Abbott & Co. name is how you can recognsie a quality Air Receiver. We have taken care of the quality, therefore you can have confidence.

Abbott & Co. Pressure Vessel manufacturer logo manufacture quality

Do you really want to put your name to anything less?

Enjoy our fun video below to help you remember how to recognise a quality Air Receiver!

We also design and manufacture bespoke Air Receivers to a range of sensible Design Codes such as ASME, BS EN 13445, Lloyds Class, DNV and more!

Got an Air Receiver or Pressure Vessel enquiry?  Please  telephone on 01636 704208 (We have real people on the end of the phone too!)

Alternatively contact us via the enquiry button below

Together we can get a quality job done!