Rednal Pneumatics Air Receivers

Rednal Pneumatics ltd registered number 06933824 AKA Rednal Industries or just Rednals had administrators appointed on 27/2/14
This company produced compressed air receivers and Rednal separators with Rednal pneumatics nameplates.
They designed and built small air receivers in large quantities.
Having been bust and rescued a number of times in recent past this time no one was willing to reincarnate it and the plant and machinery has been split up and sold off.
We have the ability and capacity to produce or supply Rednal pneumatics air receivers – or at least the equivalent.
Small horizontal air receivers can be designed and built. DNV REDNAL AIR RECEIVERS AND ASME Rednal pneumatics air receivers are also available from Abbotts
Please contact us with your enquiries.
The Rednal pneumatics website
and is now down.
Below are images of Rednal air receiver equivalents:



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