Product Overview

Air ReceiversAir Receivers

We have a standard range of air receivers, 150-5080 litres capacity (5-179 ft3) and can also manufacture to your specific requirements up to 22000 litres capacity (800 ft3). For more details, please click Air Receivers.




Pressure VesselsPressure Vessels

With over 135 years of experience in the manufacture of Pressure Vessels, we continue to supply bespoke vessels to some of the worlds most prestigious companies. Our skilled team can undertake vessel design and manufacture from receipt of basic instructions. For more details, please click: Pressure Vessels.



Blowdown Vessels

Standard sizes range from 65 to 6200 litres and manufactured to PD5500 Cat 3. For more information, please click: Blowdown Vessels.


Water VesselSurge Tanks

Used in pumping stations by many  water authority, Abbott surge tanks are in use throughout Britain.  3rd party approved design, weld approvals, testing and material certification dealt with.
DWI paint specs satisfied. For details please click: Surge Tanks.


Dished Ends

We have an established range of dished ends, pressed in-house. Diameters range from 219 to 1220 mm. For information, please click: Dished Ends.

Pressure VesselsFlash Vessels

We offer a range of 14 bar flash vessels, ranging in diameter from 170 to 457 mm, manufactured to PD5500 Cat 3. For more information, please click: Flash Vessels.



Expansion Vessels

200-2000 litre capacity, pressures 7, 10, 16 & 20 bar and temperature up to 100°C. Replaceable bladders, hot or cold potable water.

For more information, please click: Expansion Vessel. Installation and maintenance instructions for Bladder Type Expansion Vessels can be downloaded click: Vessel Installation.

Machining Services

We have a range of machine tools and are capable of undertaking a variety of work in our flexible machine shop. For a list of services, click here.

For more information on our product range, click here. To request a quotation, please don’t hesitate to call or email.

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