Sourcing Bespoke Air Receivers

So are you trying to source a Bespoke Air Receiver? Maybe the Air Receiver must have specific dimensions to fit in to the only space available in the plant room. It could be that you require non standard connections in a non standard layout. A specific design code or design pressure may be requested. Whatever the reason, the Air Receiver you need is certainly not standard or ‘off the shelf.’

When this happens we understand that it’s great to talk, and work with, real people not websites. We appreciate you need technical information. It’s clear that when you need Bespoke, speaking to a company that can take you through the design process is the only way to escape your nightmare. Welcome to the light!

The Quote process

It may be that you have a drawing of an Air Receiver that you would like us to quote for. Alternatively you may just have basic information and are in the early stages of discussions with your customer. Either way we are here to provide support. We are able to provide approximate dimensions of the different scenarios that you may need to explore.

This Bespoke little family had a ‘compact’ home waiting.

This Instrument Air Receiver needed to be big and beautiful

This Diesel Engine Starter Air Receiver enjoys a horizontal but well connected life.

Design Codes

By using a range of Design codes and Approvals such as EN13445, ASME, PD5500, BS 5169, EN286, LLoyds Class, DNV GL and ABS we can design and manufacture a bespoke Air Receiver. The way you need it. Bespoke to you.

Bespoke painting

The finish that you require may be as bespoke as the Air Receiver itself. This may be because it is specific to the industry such as Rail, or due to the personal request of your customer or location when in use. Perhaps you need C5M epoxy suitable for offshore or a certain RAL colour for the finishing touch.  It may need to blend  in or stand out. Maybe galvanising is the chosen option. Whatever finish that you require, we understand. You need Bespoke.

Get a quote

Hopefully now you can see the light. Getting the Air Receiver that you need does not need to be a nightmare. We offer design, manufacture, finish, packing and delivery. Bespoke to you.

Please either contact us on 01636 704208, send your enquiry to or alternatively use the enquiry button below. The choice really is yours!