Great British Industry Needs You

But would you help it if you could?

Now more than ever Great British industry does need your support. It needs mine too.

Covid has pushed many companies to the edge. Some may recover, and some sadly won’t make it. And this is where we can all play our part by choosing to buy British and throw a lifeline to British industry. We all have a choice where we spend our money and invest, so we all have a voice. But will yours shout up and support Great British Industry?

Who do you harm when you buy overseas?

Of course British Industry has already faced competition from overseas markets prior to Covid. Price has always been the driver behind it, even though that meant inferior products in many cases.

But now there are more complex choices to be made. If we continue to buy overseas then we do not support the companies in the UK. These are the companies that we work for. It may be where our children receive training or first job opportunities, or our parents hope to have a planned retirement from. So who do we harm when we buy overseas, if not ourselves?

Here at Abbott we feel so stongly that now really is the time to get behind the skill, knowlege and experience that already exists within Great British manufacturing. We don’t want to lose it. Now is the time for action from us all to infuence positive change for all of our futures.

Please follow the link below to watch our video for supporting British industry. Please share it, share the word and share the love. Please buy British!

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