As the water industry looks to AMP 7 – the Asset Management Period between 2020-2025 – contracts will be awarded by water companies across the country. This is to manage & implement repairs and improvements on the extensive infrastucture that is our water and sewerage network. Pressure Vessels are a much needed part of this infrastructure to help absorb the pressure and supply fluctuations across vast areas of pipework.

Abbott design and manufacture a range of bespoke Pressure Vessels to suit the water industry requirements.

Water Filtration Vessel in manufacture

Water Filtration Vessels – We design and manufacture a range of water filtration vessels to your requirements, complete with internal pipework and nozzle plates, with a range of coatings to suit the application. This can be to WIMES or DWI specifications.

Surge Vessels in Transit

Surge Vessels – These are Pressure Vessels that manage the fluctuations of pressure in water or sewage pipelines and systems as it travels through the water networks. Surge happens when there is a change in the flow rates of pumps at the pumping station, uncontrolled pump trips or when valves are opened or closed along the pipeline.

They are vital because uncontrolled water surges damage pipelines and infrastructure causing a disruption to supply, water wastage and flooding. Negative Pressures happen more frequently and contravene DWI compliance on potable water due to the risk of contamination. Indeed problems with water surges are a huge and costly issue for the water industry.

We design and manufacture surge vessels for water/wastewater complete with cyclic loading calculations and paint coatings/connection to suit the application.

Sewage Damper Vessels with two pack epoxy paint

Sewage damper Vessels – we design and manufacture bespoke Damper Vessels/Pulsation dampers with cyclic loading calculations to your requirements.

Expansion vessels/ Surge Arrestors/ Accumulators/ Hydrophore tanks

Expansion Vessels – Expansion vessels are used by many water authorities, water treatment facilities and pumping systems. Fire control systems use them for pressurised foam and water systems. Expansion Vessels absorb fluctuations to water supply, pressure and expansion due to temperature, to enable a constant supply. An optional rubber membrane prevents air from being absorbed into the water.

Our Standard range offers sizes from 100-2000 litre capacity. We offer a wide range of Design Pressures of 7, 10, 16 & 20 bar. All vessels are fitted with replaceable rubber bladders, suitable for potable water at temperatures up to 90ºC.

Hydrophores – when used on ships/marine vessels Expansion vessels are often called Hydrophores. Abbott design and manufacture Hydrophores with paint coatings/connections to meet customer requirements. We can supply with design approvals from marine inspection bodies such as Lloyds Class, DNV and ABS.

So do you have a requirement for a Pressure Vessel to meet UK water industry specifications and need Great British quality?

Please find a copy of our general product brochure attached. We offer standard or bespoke design & manufacture to suit your requirements.

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