Pressure Vessels in the Steam Industry

From Blowdown Vessels to Flash Vessels, Accumulators and Steam Separators this industry just loves a Pressure Vessel. You guys know who you are!

Blowdown Vessels

Steam boilers can be blown down at intervals or continuously. This is done  to remove some of the suspended and dissolved solids which result from raising steam. It is necessary to control the concentration of solids as they can cause foaming and overheating of the heat transfer surfaces of the boiler. As the sudden discharge of water at high temp is hazardous there is obviously risk of injury to persons working in the vicinity of an inadequately protected discharge. The rapid discharge also can damage structures such as sewers and drainage ducts due to the considerable amount of energy released. It is easy to see why Environmental and safety regulations govern the requirement and use of these Pressure Vessels.

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ASME Blowdown Vessel with large manway and davit arm

Abbott & Co. have a standard range of Blowdown Vessels which are BG03 compliant. We also design and manufacture bespoke vessels to meet your requirements. In order for us to to size a blowdown vessel for you just let us know the boiler working pressure and the blowdown line size.

Need some little extras?

If you need the extras we can also supply cooling water systems, vent heads and manifolds.

Steam separators

Within our standard range of  Steam Separators there is a variety of sizes and pressures available. Not standard? Don’t worry. As we design and manufacture that bespoke vessel can still be yours! If you need insulation that can also be quoted for; alternatively we can apply a heat resistant paint.

steam separators, pressure vessels, ASME, PD5500, BS EN 13445, manufacturing

BS EN 13445 Steam Separators (the three musketeers)

Steam Accumulators

steam accumulator, Pressure Vessel, steam industry, design pressure, bespoke, horizontal, vertical, high temp, steam

Opposite this horizontal high pressure steam accumulator shows that steam vessels really do come in all shapes and sizes! Just tell us what you need and leave the design, manufacture and certification down to us.

Flash Vessels

With our standard range starting from 19 ltr to 190 ltr vessels at 14 bar Design Pressure there are already a few options. Need something a little different? Let us know your requirements and we can quote for a bespoke vessel.

Design codes

Using Design codes ASME, PD5500 and BS EN 13445 we have the perfect  steam Vessel for you.

So if you need a steam Pressure vessel please do get in touch with your enquiry. We would love the opportunity to quote.

Standard or non standard; together we can get the job done!