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Sad air receiver industry News….

LOHENNER DRUCKBEHÄLTER GmbH & Co. KG manufacturer of Air receivers and pressure vessEls or DRUCKLUFTBEHÄLTER UND DRUCKBEHÄLTER

The company that was based in Kreuztal is sadly insolvent.

Lohenner GmbH was a traditional company. It was founded in 1921. The company manufactured compressed air tanks made of steel, which were used in the chemical sector.
Significant price pressure in the industry and the increased cost of materials prices caused the company to fail.

TÜV NORD CERT GmbH. Langemarckstraße 20 45141 Essen Country : Germany Phone : +49 (0) 201 825-3262 … Notified Body number : 0044


Lohenner Druckbehalter der ubterschied liegt im detail


Lohenner GmbH offered customized Loheco containers for compressed air, pressurized water and refrigeration technology for decades.

For years the industry benefited from their experience, professional competence and know-how in the design and manufacture of pressure vessels and compressed air vessels.

Facing the challenges of the global market and, with international recognition, Loheco containers firmly established themselves as branded products with a seal of approval.

All Loheco compressed air tanks (DRUCKLUFTBEHÄLTER ) were produced in accordance with approved processes and regulations.

Quality management system guaranteed constant quality and safety of the containers, with certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000.


Whether standard pressure vessels or compressed air tanks or custom-made products according to customer requirements: Loheco products were used in various industrial sectors around the world.

From advice to implementation, guaranteed flexibility and quick reactions.  Satisfaction, delivery reliability and fair pricing formed the basis for long-term customer relationships!

Custom-made container construction

A manufacturer of pressure vessels or compressed air vessels according to customer requirements. Whether standard or custom-made – the range of products and services included:

  • Standard pressure vessel for air, nitrogen, water and argon, 11 and 16 bar / 50 ° Celsius
  • Pressurized gas container
  • High pressure devices
  • Refrigerant tank, refrigerant separator
  • Adsorption vessel
  • Pressure silencer, pressure buffer tank
  • Hot-dip galvanized pressure vessel
  • Storage tank
  • Stainless steel container
  • Custom-made special containers
  • Accessories such as fittings etc.

All containers were manufactured according to approved procedures and regulations.

A standard program included containers with maximum dimensions of:

  • Diameter up to 3,000 mm
  • Height / length up to 12 meters
  • Unit weight up to 12 tons
  • Wall thicknesses up to 30 mm

Standard pressure vessels for air, nitrogen, water and argon, 11 and 16 bar / 50 ° C

Other operating pressures and operating temperatures could be discussed.

Container drawings in PDF format

The product range focused on the application area of compressed air technology.  The range included container sizes with volumes from 500 litres to 60,000 litres.

Pressure vessels in a standard range with volumes from 500 litres to 10,000 litres and the pressure levels 11 bar and 16 bar were available.

Pressure vessels for the technical industry

Another component in LOHENNER DRUCKBEHÄLTER GmbH product portfolio were Loheco pressure vessels for the technical industry. They were used in chemical plants – in refrigeration technology, gas technology, absorption technology, etc. depending on requirements.

Suppliers of Loheco containers for the technical industry – depending on the pressure level for a wide variety of applications – in sizes of up to 50,000 liters.

LOHENNER DRUCKBEHÄLTER GmbH supplied standard pressure vessels made of stainless steel in sizes from 500 litres to 10,000 litres.

Custom-made products in container construction

In the area of “custom-made products” were seen as problem solvers.  Production of tailor-made Loheco pressure vessels / compressed air vessels for individual needs.

Modern CAD / CAM construction and development tools played a key role in the production of Loheco pressure vessels.

From construction to the end product, modern process technologies enabled economical and efficient solutions.

Optimized manufacturing and welding facilities as well as the knowledge and skills of qualified employees guaranteed container construction at a high level.

Depending on the requirements for corrosion protection, Loheco pressure vessels were hot-dip galvanized or individual coating applications were applied.

Surface treatments were carried out in accordance with the relevant standards and were based on the know-how of various associations, e.g. Institut Feuerverzinken GmbH www.feuerverzinken.com or the Federal Association for Corrosion Protection .

Quality management at Lohenner

LOHENNER quality management system formed the basis for the constant quality and safety of Loheco pressure vessels.

The first certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001: took place in 1997 by RWTÜV. The auditing and certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000 followed in 2003.

With this in mind, customers trusted

  • High product quality
  • Deliveries on time
  • Customer service
  • Comprehensive customer advice and support

Authorized suppliers were integrated into the quality management system.   All manufacturing processes were fully documented and completely traceable in detail.

The production of pressure vessels were according to internationally recognized regulations.

They focussed on the design and manufacture of pressure equipment in connection with the Pressure Equipment Directive adhering to the internationally recognized set of rules (AD 2000).

The European standard EN 13445 was used for special customer specifications.

They also offered approvals such as GOST (Russia), SQL (China), ASME, KHK (Japan).

Their German Website said:


Lohenner bietet seit Jahrzehnten maßgeschneiderte Loheco-Behälter für Druckluft, Druckwasser und Kältetechnik an.

Langjährige Erfahrung, Kompetenz und Know-how in der Konstruktion und Fertigung von Druckbehältern und Druckluftbehältern.

Lohenner hatte sich den Herausforderungen des globalen Marktes mit internationaler Anerkennung gestellt. Als Markenprodukt mit Gütesiegel haben sich Loheco-Behälter fest etabliert.

Alle Loheco Druckluftbehälter wurden nach anerkannten Verfahren und Vorschriften hergestellt.

Das eingesetzte Qualitätsmanagementsystem garantierte eine gleichbleibende Qualität und Sicherheit der Behälter im späteren Einsatz. Zertifiziert nach DIN EN ISO9001:2000 dokumentiert der hohe Qualitätsanspruch.Loheco Druckbehälter – Der Unterschied lag im Detail.

Ob Standard-Druckbehälter oder Druckluftbehälter, oder Sonderanfertigungen wurden nach Kundenwunsch gefertigt. Loheco Produkte wurden weltweit in verschiedenen Industriebereichen eingesetzt.

Von der Beratung bis zur Umsetzung garantierte Flexibilität und schnelle Reaktion. Zufriedenheit, Liefertreue und faire Preise bildeten die Basis für langfristige Kundenbeziehungen.

Lohenner GmbH – Druckbehälter- und Druckluftbehälterbau. Produktprogramm mit Fokus auf Drucklufttechnik. Das Sortiment umfasste Behältergrößen mit Volumen von 500 Liter bis 60.000 Liter.

Druckbehälter aus dem Standardprogramm mit Volumen von 500 Liter bis 10.000 Liter, Füllstände 11 bar und 16 bar.

Druckbehälter für die technische Industrie

Loheco Druckbehälter wurden in Chemieanlagen, in der Kältetechnik, Gastechnik, Absorptionstechnik eingesetzt.Loheco-Behälter für die unterschiedlichsten Anwendungen in Größen bis 50.000 Liter.Gelieferte Standard-Druckbehälter aus Edelstahl in den Größen von 500 Liter bis 10.000 Liter.Containerbau nach MaßProduktpalette hergestellt:

  • Standard Druckbehälter für Luft, Stickstoff, Wasser und Argon, 11 und 16 bar/50° Celsius
  • Druckgasbehälter
  • Hochdruckgeräte
  • Kältemittelbehälter, Kältemittelabscheider
  • Adsorptionsbehälter
  • Druckschalldämpfer, Druckpufferbehälter
  • Druckbehälter feuerverzinkt
  • Speicherbehälter
  • Edelstahlbehälter
  • Sonderbehälter nach Maß
  • Zubehör, wie Armaturen etc

Alle Behälter wurden nach anerkannten Verfahren und Vorschriften hergestellt. Das Standardprogramm umfasste Container mit maximalen Abmessungen von:

  • Durchmesser bis 3.000 mm
  • Höhe/Länge bis 12 Meter
  • Stückgewicht bis 12 Tonnen
  • Wandstärken bis 30 mm

Standard Druckbehälter für Luft, Stickstoff, Wasser und Argon, 11 und 16 bar/50°C

Andere Betriebsdrücke und Betriebstemperaturen könnten diskutiert werden.

Behälterzeichnungen im PDF-Format

Lohenner GmbH & Co. KG

Siegener Strasse 51

57223 Kreuztal

49 (0) 2732 / 5852-0

+49 (0) 2732/58 52-40


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