Steaming ahead

The steam industry is not just about Blowdown Vessels. Take a look at  the range of vessels we manufacture to support the steam industry – and how we can support you to keep the heat on!

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Steam Separators
Steam Separators are used in steam systems to protect the plant and equipment and also to safeguard productivity. Wet steam contains droplets of water and although trapping and drainage can be used in the system, it will not eliminate these droplets. Separators are therefore fitted to steam pipelines to catch these water droplets.
Design codes – ASME, PD 5500 or BS EN 13445 We are able to design and manufacture to meet your requirements
Steam Accumulators
Steam Accumulators, as the name suggests, accumulate energy in the form of steam. When the output from the boiler is greater than the demand from process, the excess steam can be injected into a mass of water which is stored under pressure. This can then be drawn upon from the Accumulator when process has a higher demand than can be met by the boiler at the time.
Our Steam Accumulators can be designed & manufactured to meet your specifications.
Design codes –  ASME, PD5500 or BS EN 13445
Volume – Bespoke to meet you requirements
Design temperature – To suit the design Pressure
Finish – metal primer or heat resistant paint
Flash Vessels
Flash Vessels can be used in any Steam plant where flash steam is formed by revaporisation. This happens when condensate from steam generating equipment is  reduced to a lower pressure. Recovering the flash steam is good way of supplementing a low pressure heating system as this requirement would otherwise need to come from the boiler.  As a result the efficiency of a plant is maximised. Inside the flash vessel, flash steam and water are separated. The recovered steam is fed into the low pressure system, and the remaining condensate is discharged into a condensate tank.
We offer a standard range of 14 bar flash vessels, ranging in diameter from 170-457mm. Bespoke Flash Vessels can be Designed and manufactured to meet your requirements.
Flash vessels Design Codes –  ASME, PD5500 or BS EN 13445
Design Pressure – 14 bar (standard range) or bespoke to suit your steam supply system pressure
Volume – 19-190 litres (standard range) or bespoke to suit.
Design Temperature – 0 to 198 °c or as required
Finish – metal primer or heat resistant paint.
Option of Legs or Brackets.

Steam Condensate return vessel with dearator head

Steam level control pots and manifold

Blowdown Vessels
Boilers are blown down at regular intervals or can be done continuously. Blowdown Vessels are needed to remove the suspended and dissolved solids that build up inside boilers.These occur naturally as a result of raising steam. If not removed the solids cause foaming and overheating in the boiler.
The rapid discharge and elevated temperature of the blowdown water, means it cannot directly enter the drains and must be safely stored and cooled first. There is also a huge risk to people who work in the vicinity of a poorly protected discharge.
Design codes – ASMEPD5500 or BS EN 13445
Design pressure – 7 Bar (standard range) or bespoke
Volume – 65- 6200 litres (standard range) or bespoke to suit individual requirements.
Design Temperature – 0 -171°c (standard range) to suit design pressure
Finish – Heat resistant metal primer or heat resistant paint

We can supply Stainless Steel Vent heads to be used with Blowdown Vessels  in a range of sizes from 100NB – 300 NB.

Flanged manifolds in a range of NB sizes and branch options can be manufactured.

Cooling water systems are also available.

Abbott are fully dedicated to supplying the steam industry with a range of standard designs or bespoke options.

We manufacture Great British Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Blowdown Vessels, Flash Vessels, Accumulators, Buffer vessels, Expansion Vessels, Surge Vessels and Air Receivers.

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