ASME – With or Without U?


We are often asked: do we need our ASME pressure vessel with or without U? I remember an Irish rock band once had a similar dilemma :-)

If your vessel is to be installed in USA, then definitely. In Canada, more than likely. In the Middle East, probably not. Client specifications can request U stamp but this is often a carry-over from US-based company specifications and not actually a regulatory requirement for the destination country.

The good news is, whatever your scenario, the team at Abbotts can help.

After a two-day audit at our factory with the ASME US-based inspection team, and with support from our colleagues at British Engineering Services, we’re fully trained and raring to go… give us a call today!

Check out our shiny new ASME U approval certificate.

Need ASME pressure vessels with (or without) U stamp for hydrogen, biogas, methane, natural gas, Syngas, air, nitrogen, oxygen, CNG, steam, argon, helium, ammonia etc. Our in-house design team will design to the latest legislation and in accordance with your client specifications and compliance requirements. With a substantial library of existing approved designs, in-house machining, welding, testing facilities, paint-shop and stock accessories, we really can be your one-stop shop. We can even arrange carriage ‘across the pond’ too!

Still unsure whether you need it? Ring us on +44 1636260438 or send an enquiry. We’re always here to help.

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