Big Green Monsters for your Compressed Gases

20m3 green Abbotts pressure vessel containing a compressed gas

This green 20m3 pressure vessel will hold compressed air. It could be holding compressed hydrogen. Or biogas. Or Syngas. Or methane. Or steam. Or any other compressed gas. It’s going to help our customer use energy on site more effectively…and that’s the easiest way they can reduce their carbon emissions. So it really is ‘green’ – and in more ways than one!

We can design and manufacture pressure vessels for hydrogen, biogas, methane, natural gas, Syngas, air, nitrogen, oxygen, CNG, steam, argon, helium, ammonia etc. Our in-house design team will use PD5500, ASME, EN13445, Lloyds Class Rules, DNV(GL) Rules to design to the latest legislation and in accordance with your compliance requirements. With a substantial library of existing approved designs, in-house machining, welding, testing facilities, paint-shop and stock accessories,we really can be your one-stop shop. We will even arrange your carriage too.

By the way, the green paint is optional…

So if you really want to be ‘green’, ring us on +44 1636260438 or send an enquiry. We’re always here to help.

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