2 Abbott's expansion vessels loaded on a lorry ready to be shipped

This pair of fine looking expansion vessels arrived back from the painters today ready for their next fitting. Used in pressurised fluid systems, expansion vessels aka (here goes… accumulators, hydrophores, surge arrestors, pressure vessels, thermal expansion, hydro pneumatic, surge tanks, Pneupress tanks ..phew!) are used to protect piping systems from over and/or under-pressure or as a reservoir to provide an instant supply of the liquid on demand. These particular ones are internally-coated to suit contents of demineralised water (DMW) as well as the customer’s specifications. Next step, these beauties will be fitted with an internal rubber membrane. With skirt supports, they are designed to PD5500 with NDT, NOBO inspection and full doc package to suit. To top it off they are PED compliant and CE marked. Lovely job!

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