PD5500 Pressure Vessel with sight glasses for process plant

This is an excellent example of one of our many fabricated carbon steel pressure vessels
Used in the desalination industry
Built to PD5500 with carbon steel P265GH BOILER PLATE


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  1. B S Mehta
    B S Mehta says:

    If insulation thickness of a pressure vessel is 150 mm, is it necessary that pad type sight glass flange shall clear the insulation or else insulation can be cut at the location

    • henry
      henry says:

      Hi – This depends on what angle of view you need in the vessel.
      To increase the angle of view, it would be possible to make the cut out area in the insulation larger to increase the angle of view, and make a separate ‘plug’ of insulation to fill the whole when not in use.
      I hope this helps

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