Stored Energy

When we receive enquiries to manufacture thermal stores (also known as hot water buffer vessels) it feels good! We welcome every enquiry, but with thermal stores it’s also about a mentality of industry harnessing hard earned heat energy and not letting it slip away. Thinking about our environment, and knowing traditional fuel sources are not infinite, it also makes financial sense to re-direct heat energy. The increasing demand for renewable energy systems and a focus on sustainability really does make thermal stores the little gems of Green Machines.

It just makes plain sense to collect heat energy already generated, and in times of low demand stored until there is a higher demand. Sources could be from process, biomass or solar energy for example. If you are not already doing it then maybe it is something to consider?

Retaining  valuable heat energy

Obviously as retaining heat is a priority, thermal stores are often insulated and clad as shown above. This one is just having the insulation layer fitted.

As the specification for each thermal store depends on individual circumstances our thermal stores are made to order. If you let us know your requirements we can design and manufacture the vessel bespoke for you. That way you get the volume you need with any internal pipe work including sparge pipes, diffusers or baffle plates at the size and location required. We can quote to manufacture using the most cost effective design code to suit the vessel such as PD5500, ASME or BS EN13445.

So are you looking at installing or updating an existing system? If so then considering the benefits of a thermal store makes both financial and green prudent sense.I think that is what you call a win – win situation!

 We offer standard or bespoke design & manufacture.

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