1000 Litre Vertical Air Receiver


30 Bar Design Pressure

762mm Diameter with 2000mm Shell

Built to PD5500 – 2012 – CAT 2 from BS1501-151/161-430 A/B

-10°C to 50°C and 0.75mm Corrosion Allowance

inspection by Lloyds Register with To Code

PED Category N/A modules N/A

2 X Handhole(s)

150NB BS4504 or EN1092 PN40 Flanged Branch With Cover

2 X Connection(s)

2″ BSPT 3000lb Screwed

1 X Connection(s)

1/2″ BSPT 3000lb Screwed

3 X MS Angle Leg(s)

Angle legs Support

1 X Connection(s)

3/4″ BSPT 3000lb Screwed

1 X Connection(s)

3/8″ BSPT 3000lb Screwed

Self colour

Drawing Number

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