875 Litre Vertical Air Receiver


46.2 Bar Design Pressure

915mm Diameter with 900mm Shell

Built to PD5500 – 2012 – CAT 2 from P355 NL1 (LT)

-25°C to 40°C and 1mm Corrosion Allowance

inspection by Lloyds Register with 10% UT and MPI

PED Category CAT 4 modules G

Group 2 Gases

2 X Connection(s)

1 1/2″ BSPT 3000lb Screwed

1 X Connection(s)

1/2″ BSPT 3000lb Screwed

1 X Relief Valve

3/4″ BSPT 3000lb Screwed

1 X Pressure Gauge

3/8″ BSPT 6000lb Screwed

1 X Drain Connection

1/2″ BSPT 3000lb Screwed

2 X Inspection Openings (s)

6″ ANSI B16.5 CL300 Flanged Branch With Cover & IBC Gasket

3 X Supports

60x60x6mm LT Folded legs Support

1 X Fusible Plug

1/2″ BSPT 3000lb Screwed

Inside gritblasted clean followed by two coats of rust preventative primer

Drawing Number 8988 Rev 3

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